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Leopard Populations in South Africa – New Study

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The Royal Society Open Science (RSOS) has issued a report (accepted 20 March 2017) that studies “Population dynamics and threats to an apex predator outside protected areas: implications for carnivore management;” in particular the African leopard (Panthera pardus) within South Africa: This report concluded: “The density of leopards in the case study declined by …

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The Unsustainable Excuse

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Petition – “Stop South Africa’s attempts to legalize trade in rhino horn“- Global March for Elephants and Rhinos The “sustainable use of our natural resources” – Opinion After posting the Don Pinnock article (“Rhino sale bombshell hidden in new raft regulations,” Daily Maverick, 27 February 2017) the feedback received was ‘interesting’ …


Leopard Hunting – South Africa

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Banner image courtesy of Mark Boulton, Elsa Trust and Elsamere Government Gazette, Vol.  620, 8 February 2017, No. 40601 Notice 75, Department of Environmental Affairs (DEA) Draft norms and standards for the management and monitoring of the hunting of leopard in South Africa for trophy hunting purposes “Members of the …

Black Rhinoceros portrait (Diceros bicornis) - Salt pans of Etosha National Park (Namibia)

Proposed trade in rhinoceros horn – South Africa

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Petition – “Take a stand for South Africa’s rhinos!“ Petition – “We don’t want your rhino horn” – Vietnam, Born Free Foundation Petition – “Stop SA Government legalizing domestic and international trade in Rhino horn” – Global March for Elephants and Rhino Government Gazette, Vol.  620, 8 February 2017, No. …


Worldwide Rally for Cecil

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Worldwide Rally for Cecil – Las Vegas gathering Update: – In 2018, the Worldwide Rally For Cecil will become the Worldwide Rally Against Trophy Hunting (WRATH). To join the campaign to end trophy hunting, please visit WRATH and CompassionWorks International. Tomorrow (4 February 2017), there will be rallies taking place all …


“New report reveals big game hunting makes minimal contribution to African economies and jobs”

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Banner image – “Lions are often killed as juveniles before they can contribute to the genetic pool” – Image courtesy of David Youldon/iStockphoto “Trophy hunters’ inflated claims debunked; trophy hunting ‘insignificant’ to economy” Humane Society International (HSI) – Press Release, 1 February 2017 An economic study released on the first …


The “800 skeletons” – “captive produced lion bone trade under the quota system”

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Petition –  “End the export of captive-bred African lion parts from South Africa“ – Humane Society International Petition – “URGENT: Stop the Export of 800 Lion Skeletons from South Africa to Asia“ Petition – “Lions denied proper protection at CITES CoP17” – Captured in Africa Foundation   During the October …


African leopard – Endangered Species

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Banner image courtesy of Petition – “This is our chance to stop leopard trophy hunting and ban the U.S. import of leopard parts from Southern Africa.” In July 2016, the Humane Society of the United States, Humane Society International, International Fund for Animal Welfare, the Center for Biological Diversity and The Fund for …