Saving Sally: Trophy Hunters, Secrets & Lies

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When Eduardo Goncalves (of the Campaign to Ban Trophy Hunting) posed as a trophy hunter, he entered the fanatical, dark and macabre world of the trophy hunters and their fixers – hunting outfitters and canned* animal breeders offering trophy hunters kills for cash. 

Saving Sally: Trophy Hunters Secrets and Lies” outlines Eduardo’s view into the hunter’s world and how through this journey into that abyss, Sally a tiger cub ‘bred for the bullet’ in South Africa was saved into sanctuary from the hunter’s bullet(s)/arrows – many more animals bred in canned hunting facilities continue to face the threat of being killed for trophy hunter’s thrills.

Saving Sally is the result of an extraordinary 2-year undercover investigation into the murky secrets of the trophy hunting industry.

It exposes how tiger cubs are being bred for hunters to shoot in enclosures, and tells the story of a daring attempt to rescue a young tiger cub called Sally right from under hunters’ noses.”

Amazon Books link: “Saving Sally: Trophy Hunters Secrets and Lies


*Animals bred in captivity, killed by trophy hunters in enclosed spaces (so not a ‘fair chase’ (sic) hunt) with no target species conservation contribution or imperative whatsoever – ref Appendix 1 of “‘Canned’ Industry Deceit, Intimidation and Threats,” IWB, 20 February 2016


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