Grinding Rhino

Grinding Rhino – Elephant Action League Investigation

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Elephant Action League (EAL) July 2017, undercover investigation report “Grinding Rhino – Operation Red Cloud” (PDF), highlights alleged, extensive authority complicity within Vietnam and China (including the Chinese Navy) to facilitate the laundering of poached rhino horns smuggled out of Africa. On the subject of any lifting of the standing, …

african leopard

Leopard Populations in South Africa – New Study

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The Royal Society Open Science (RSOS) has issued a report (accepted 20 March 2017) that studies “Population dynamics and threats to an apex predator outside protected areas: implications for carnivore management;” in particular the African leopard (Panthera pardus) within South Africa: This report concluded: “The density of leopards in the case study declined by …


“New report reveals big game hunting makes minimal contribution to African economies and jobs”

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Banner image – “Lions are often killed as juveniles before they can contribute to the genetic pool” – Image courtesy of David Youldon/iStockphoto “Trophy hunters’ inflated claims debunked; trophy hunting ‘insignificant’ to economy” Humane Society International (HSI) – Press Release, 1 February 2017 An economic study released on the first …


“Report on Lion Conservation..” WildCRU

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Wildlife Conservation Research Unit (WildCRU) “Report on Lion Conservation with Particular Respect to the Issue of Trophy Hunting,” (the “Report”), Professor David Macdonald (Director of WildCRU) et al., dated 28 November 2016 Download – Report on lion conservation, David Macdonald Download – Report on lion conservation, Appendices, David Macdonald Download – …

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How Can ‘We’ Save the African Lion, Panthera Leo?

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Download PDF of this article – How Can ‘We’ Save the African Lion, Panthera Leo? Let’s start by saying that I do not understand how anyone could want to kill an animal and put its remains on home display, particularly a lion from a rapidly dwindling wild population (or a ‘canned’ lion …


“The $200 Million Question”

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“The $200 Million Question” – Economists at Large, 2013   Report prepared by: Economists at Large Pty Ltd Melbourne, Australia [email protected] Phone: +61 3 9005 0154 Fax: +61 3 8080 1604 Citation: Economists at Large, 2013. The $200 million question: How much does trophy hunting really contribute to African …


The Economics of Poaching, Trophy and Canned Hunting

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Petition UK Government to Improve Protection of White and Black rhinoceros, African lions and African elephants from Trophy Hunting _______________________________________________________________________ Download PDF – The Economics of Poaching, Trophy and Canned Hunting Let’s just start by saying there is a complex array of variables impinging on the whole economics that weigh …