IWB Activities

How will IWB Invest the conservation funds raised through its Wildlife Bond Sales?   

  • For Example, IWB will seek to fund innovative technologies and ideas to enhance anti-poaching detection and elimination, for example:
  1. Specifically developed, rapid response equipment, be that 4x4s, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV, or drones), or helicopters.
  2. Anti-poaching ‘mission specific’ UAV technology and supporting communications.
  3. Safe habitat area protection and automatic alert systems.
  4. Advanced Tracking Collar and activity monitoring product development.
  5. Necessary equipping of rangers and wardens, including training, equipment and tactics/strategy analysis.
  6. Promotion of anti Trophy Hunting and Canned Hunting – eg. Facilitating the wider, international release of the film Blood Lions.

IWB will endeavour to challenge key ‘game changing’ players, to achieve its stated aims to improve/change animal protection laws and practices by:

  • Commission academic research, studies and reports, for example: How much/little does Trophy Hunting actually contribute to conservation and local economies in which this activity is based? How does this compare to income from general Tourism?
  • Supporting ‘legal’ redress for ‘Illegal’ activities.
  • Directly campaigning – governments, businesses and individuals, supporting initaitives such as CECIL’s Law – Huffington Post Link.
  • Seek ways to provide alternatives for poachers to find alternative lifestyles.
  • Supporting organisations that share a mutual objective, be that by sharing of knowledge and expertise, or indeed financial support to achieve IWB’s goals.

Where will all these ‘ideas’ IWB needs come from?

From you, the Bond Investors mainly, but also academia and conservationists:

  • You will be able to submit your ideas for assessment by IWB.
  • You can submit ideas anytime, 24 hours x 7 days x 52 weeks a year, via the IWB platform. You will just need to fill in an on-line pro-forma and IWB will take it from there for assessment.
  • Ideas can be practical measures, concepts, suggested lobbying tactics, suggested changes to animal welfare laws and rights etc. The field is wide open and welcomed.
  • Those ideas that are approved by IWB will be set a ‘funding’ target and a time limit to achieve ‘full funding.’
  • You, the Bond Investors will then be able to support and ‘crowd fund’ a project you like by donating your loyalty points (Wildlife Points) to that project.
  • If a project gathers enough Wildlife Points and secures its crowd funding target within a preordained timeframe, then the ‘IWB Project’ gets “green-lighted.”
  • IWB will project manage such “green-lighted” projects to fruition, investing further funds out of its reserves if applicable.
  • IWB will aim to work with charities and organisation directly linked to supporting anti-poaching units and rangers, plus conservation on the ground – This will provide vital feedback and insight into areas where IWB can try to help.

How will a Bond Investor know what’s going on with various IWB activities and projects?

  • There will be a constant blog-feed of news on-line at IWB web-site, plus IWB’s facebook page and via twitter.
  • You will be able to check in on-line at IWB’s platform anytime and see the level of your Wildlife Points in your IWB Account.
  • You can review the current projects and ideas on offer on IWB’s web-site (24 hours x 7 days a week x 52 weeks a year – with the exception of system maintenance outages). Then decide if you wish to invest some, or all of your Wildlife Points in one, or more projects.

How does IWB know the best way to invest any IWB charity funds to achieve its stated aims?

  • All decisions by the IWB trust will be based on scientific/academic evidence/recommendations ‘fit’ with IWB’s over-arching strategy.
  • The Trustees of IWB will be formed and/or informed by academics and experienced people directly involved in ethical conservation and the science behind it.

What will IWB do with any profits from its stated investment in new technology?

  • IWB will state in its Terms and Conditions (T&Cs) (IBW Market Rules), that IWB will own the Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) and Patents for any idea(s) that it supports for funding and on-going project management.
  • IWB is a UK registered (Charity No. 1164833 – IWB is a Foundation CIO under Charity Commission regulation), not-for-profit charity. So, please rest assured that every penny of any potential profit made from commercial endeavours, IPR, or Patents will be ploughed straight back into funding other relevant IWB projects and initiatives.

Who will decide where IWB’s funds are directed?

  • The IWB Trustees will ultimately decide where some of the IWB’s funds are directed.
  • But, a large proportion of the IWB’s funds will be under the direction and control, of you, the IWB Bond Investors.

Can I also donate directly to an IWB supported project outside of IWB?

  • Of course – even projects the IWB Trustees select could be projects, commercial endeavour and/or charities that people can self-direct extra funds to if they wish.

When will IWB’s on-line platform launch and open for business?

  • We are aiming for a tentative launch date in November 2015 (now delayed until platform development can be funded and all necessary applications and requirements met).