How does the Bond purchase work?

Purchasing a Wildlife Bond:

  • IWB will seek public investors across the globe, via IWB’s platform*, to purchase a Wildlife Bond (£, $, Euro).
  • The income from the Bond purchase will reward the Bond Holder with loyalty points, called Wildlife Points.
  • The Bond Holder can then award these Wildlife Points to redeem and support IWB projects put up for consideration on the IWB platform*.

IWB Bond Flow Chart_D02_28 August 2015

  • The Bond Holder will be regularly rewarded with additional Wildlife Points as a bonus when IWB has good news on a project, or wildlife conservation in general.

* The IWB platform is scheduled to be launched in November 2015 (launch delayed until funds allow for platform development work to proceed). 

How do I (the Bond Holder) get rewarded?

  • At the end of each calendar month, IWB will make an assessment of how much we have jointly achieved- it might be good news on specific species number, or a large organised gang of illegal poachers taken out of commission, or some new technology has been developed.
  • Are there any other measurable/tangible improvements? If so, each Bond Holder will receive bonus Wildlife Points, based on the volume and duration of their holding (the more one has invested in IWB Bonds, and the longer one maintains that ‘investment,’ the greater the reward potentially).
  • Conversely, there could also be bad news (such as Cecil’s illegal killing), which could mean that Wildlife Points are deducted (but held in IWB’s Dividend Pool and with a favourable ‘stop loss limit’ imposed) from the Bond Holder’s account. As with any endeavour, there can up swings and down swings, but let’s be positive!

If I back a project with my Wildlife Points, how will I be rewarded?

  • If a project has a measurable impact, meets targets, has commercial benefits (to return back into IWB fighting funds), then IWB can award a bonus allocation of Wildlife Points to those that backed the project day at the start.
  • This reward is a form of ‘return on investment’ approach (based in Wildlife Points, not money) for the relevant group of Bond Holders that redeemed their Wildlife Points to back the given project.

How long will my Bond last?

  • In the context of IWB’s embrace of its Bond Investor community, a Bond is defined as “a link that binds people together in a relationship.”
  • The relationship of any Investor’s IWB Wildlife Bond with IWB will have a term of one year – The term being from the date of the Bond purchase to expiry at exactly one calendar year later (365 days).
  • Upon expiry, any unused Wildlife Points will be placed on hold at 365 days held, thus limiting eligibility for any further bonus awards.

Can I hold multiple IWB Bonds?

  • Of course any individual (or Investor) can hold multiple IWB Wildlife Bonds.
  • Each IWB Wildlife Bond purchased will have its own specific purchase and expiry date.

Can I purchase an IWB Bond(s) as a gift, or reallocate an IWB Bond’s ownership during its term?

  • Of course, an IWB Bond would make a great gift, employee or customer reward perhaps. So there is an opportunity at any stage during an IWB Wildlife Bond’s term to allocate the ownership to a designated third party.