Unmanageable Exploitation

Unmanageable Animal Exploitation

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An insatiable demand side knows no bounds. This is especially true when it originates from an increasingly wealthy Chinese/Vietnamese population of 1.8bn and China’s economic might seems to crush any dissenting voices questioning that demand. Even when China does bow to international pressure, such as seeking to shut down its domestic …


China’s Wildlife Trade is Out of Control

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Petition – “Tigers Reduced to Skin and Bone“ Petition – “Tigers slaughtered to produce bone paste to fuel the illegal tiger trade in Vietnam! Please help“ Picture above of a ‘skin and bone’ tiger held captive in a Chinese captive facility  – “Breeding tigers (and any animal) in cruel, inhumane conditions …


The ‘Theatre’ of Wildlife Decimation

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In the war-like ‘theatre’ of organised wildlife crime, versus the authorities and anti-poaching units, where is the current ‘balance’ in this blood filled battle? Ultimately, where are we heading with regard to threatened species? Elephant Poaching Based on CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Flora and …