Myths of Trophy Hunting Debunked

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Every year, tens of thousands of wild animals worldwide are killed by trophy hunters with the aim of acquiring body parts of target animals as trophies – for example, full body mounts, tusks, horns, or skins. Rarer species are typically more expensive to shoot. Trophy hunters even target endangered and strictly protected species, such as elephants or rhinos. To justify this gruesome hobby, the hunting lobby puts forward arguments that do not stand up to scientific scrutiny. Conservation and animal welfare organisations refute the claims of the hunting lobby with facts.”

Trophy Hunting Facts – Myths of Trophy Hunting Debunked, January 2024

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  1. Gordon Goldhaber

    With all due respect, having peta involved may hurt the credibility of the report. Seeing as this organization is seen as a radical and misinformative, even by other animal welfare groups and activists. They are the reason many perceive animal welfare groups with negative attitudes, and they could hurt our scientific credibility against hunting lobbyists.

  2. S. Schroeder

    Somebody somewhere in the line of history had a brilliant idea: to say that trophy hunting is somehow “conservation”. It is not, yet they still continue to push this lie even in the midst of the Sixth Mass Extinction. If you challenge hunters, they say you have “cognitive dissonance” or that you are “emotional”. Killing is NOT conservation, never has been. A minus is not a plus. In order for a healthy eco-system to thrive, animals must be valued and respected alive, not dead.

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