Rabbit Farming in the UK – Buckinghamshire, Chilterns AONB

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On 11 May 2021, Buckinghamshire Council, Directorate for Planning, Growth and Sustainability refused the planning application (ref. PL/21/0130/FA) for Mr P Kerry’s proposed rabbit farm (captive breeding, meat and fur production) upon “Land at Magpie Lane Amersham Road, Coleshill, Buckinghamshire” – Decision – Application Refused, 11 May 2021.

On the 25 January 2022, Buckinghamshire Council issued “Notice of Appeal Letter” (appellant: Mr P Kerry) with written representations to The Planning Inspectorate due before 28 February 2022.

IWB has followed past rabbit exploitative site and planning submissions by Mr Phil Kerry – IWB has prepared and submitted a written representation to The Planning Inspectorate:

Appeal Against Planning Application Refusal for a Rabbit Farm – Land at Magpie Lane, Amersham Road, Coleshill, Buckinghamshire – Ref: APP/X0415/W/21/3285706,” IWB, 26 February 2022

[Update] Planning Inspectorate, Appeal Decision, 29 April 2022:

“The proposal would harm the character and appearance of the area, would fail to fully address ecological interests and would conflict with the development plan when taken as a whole. Therefore, for the reasons given, I conclude that the appeal should not succeed” – B Plenty, Inspector

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Further Reading

Worker jumped on and drove quad bikes over dead cows at farm supplying carcasses for electricity,” The Independent, 3 February 2022 – ‘Fallen Stock‘ (cows, horses, partridges, foxes, badgers, fox-hound puppies……’fallen stock’ rabbits of course could be included) being used to make Meat and Bone Meal (MBM), burnt to produce ‘renewable’ (sic) energy/electricity. Another potential income stream/disease reservoir for animal exploitative businesses and hunts (disposing of puppy fox-hounds that don’t make the grade), and/or ‘green-washing,’ or good eco-friendly disposal of ‘waste’ animal carcasses no matter the standards?

Help End Animal Cruelty At Hunt Kennels,” Crowd Funder, Dale Vince (Founder, Ecotricity) – “Help us do more of this [fighting the cruelty, green-washing and highlighting the lack of regulatory oversight] – I’ll match every pound we raise“):

It’s a [another] brutal unseen side of fox hunting – which has of course been illegal for over a decade now, but still continues. On top of that we exposed breaches of safety regulations, including those meant to keep us all safe from animal diseases like mad cow disease. 

And the most awful disregard for animals – alive and dead. The images of kennel workers bouncing up and down on a dead cow, making a phone call – or running a dead cow over repeatedly with a quad bike – will likely provoke shock and horror amongst most of us.

The vegan energy part is this – the shot dogs are dumped into open topped bins which are taken away and burned to make electricity. British Gas and E.on are the two best known buyers of this electricity – made with puppies.

And it’s not just dogs – we filmed foxes, badgers and even partridges being dumped into the same bins for the same purpose.”

Secret footage exposes shocking scenes of dead animal disposal” ITV News, 2 February 2022 – Warning: Contains scenes some may find disturbing.

Coleshill rabbit farm plans opposed by Ricky Gervais rejected by Buckinghamshire Council,” BuckinghamshireLive, 13 May 2021

Ricky Gervais joins backlash against Coleshill rabbit farm,“ BuckinghamshireLive, 23 March 2021

Coleshill rabbit farm faces backlash from people living in the area,” BuckinghamshireLive, 26 February 2021


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