Trophy Hunting; Busting the myths and exposing the cruelty

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Born Free Foundation’s, July 2019 study, “Trophy Hunting; Busting the myths and exposing the cruelty” provides a compendium of information – why trophy hunting is an unethical relic and its continued existence is self-justified behind the deceit of a ‘well regulated’ (sic) industry devoted to conservation (when the reality is the hunting industry is motivated by income):

Despite their claims, trophy hunters do not generally target problem, redundant or old and infirm animals, preferring to set their sights on animals with impressive traits – the darkest manes, the biggest tusks, the longest horns. This often results in the killing of key individuals, removing vital genetic resources and causing disruption to family groups, populations and, by extension, the wider ecosystems of which they form a part.

Far from incentivising wildlife conservation and helping local communities, trophy hunting operations generate only a tiny proportion of wildlife tourism income, with most of the fees they pay benefitting a few officials, outfitters, and professional hunting guides. Research suggest that little, if any, of the money hunters pay to make their kills ever filters down to local communities.”

Further Reading

Zambian communities halt trophy hunting in dispute over fees,” Conservation Action Trust, 18 September 2019

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