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A shocking exposé of the exploitative, destructive, global fishing cartels – corruption, ‘sustainability’ myths, lies, slavery, complicity, plus of course untold damage to our planet and our own species’ chances of survival…..a must watch for everyone I would suggest.

Seaspiracy,” Ali and Lucy Tabrizi (Kip Andersen: Producer), Netflix documentary – 24 March 2021

Seaspiracy,” Official website

We made Seaspiracy. Help us protect 30% of our oceans by 2030 from industrial fishing,”


[Update] at 38:00 minutes onwards of “Seaspiracy” – healthy ocean ecosystems are vital to human species’ survival on planet Earth:

  • Marine plants are 20 times more useful/acre than rainforests in capturing carbon;
  • Abundant fish populations are vital to marine plant/coral reef health;
  • 93% of CO2 (Carbon-dioxide) capture is via our planet’s oceans and marine ecosystems;
  • The loss of 1% of the ocean carbon ecosystem is estimated to be equivalent to the emissions of 97 million motor vehicles;
  • Trawling destroys an estimated 3.9bn acres of marine habitat per year (rainforest destruction is an estimated 25m acres per year);
  • At the current rate of human attrition, our oceans could be devoid of sea-life by 2048;
  • In other words, unless we stop damaging the oceans and its wildlife inhabitants, our species will find life on planet Earth unsustainable;
  • What is the answer in the face of a destructive commercial fishing industry driven by profiteering, corruption, complicit government support/subsidies, ‘sustainable’ delusions and deceit? Stop eating sea-life/fish and hope the fishing machinery comes to a halt…….

Watch the “Seaspiracy” trailer here:


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