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A shocking exposé of the exploitative, destructive, global fishing cartels – corruption, ‘sustainability’ myths, lies, slavery, complicity, plus of course untold damage to our planet and our own species’ chances of survival…..a must watch for everyone I would suggest. “Seaspiracy,” Ali and Lucy Tabrizi (Kip Andersen: Producer), Netflix documentary – …

Trophy hunting is not sustainable

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By Ross Harvey, original article published in the Ecologist, 19 September 2019 The arguments for trophy hunting contained within a recent letter published in the journal Science simply don’t stack up.   A new letter published in Science argues that banning trophy hunting imperils biodiversity [“Scientists: Banning trophy hunting ‘doesn’t protect animals’,” BBC …

Where wild things are under threat, wildlife trade needs to be dealt with

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Banner image: “Tigers rub against a cage fence at a captive breeding centre for large predators at an undisclosed location in the Free State, South Africa, in this undated picture released in November 2005 by the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW). (Photo: EPA)“ By Lynn Johnson, Daily Maverick, 20 …

Fair Game?

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Fair Game? Improving the well-being of South African wildlife – Endangered Wildlife Trust, Centre for Environmental Rights, 2018: “In practice, the current legal regime ultimately provides little protection for wild animals.”

Pouring cold water on ‘sustainable use’

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Banner Image: African Elephant – Gary Stolz Opinion piece by Chris Mercer  – Campaign Against Canned Hunting This blog criticises a letter sent to the Chinese government by well-known hunting apologist Eugene Lapointe [CITES Secretary-General (1982 – 1990), now World Conservation Trust (IWMC) President]. After wrapping himself in a cloak …

The Unsustainable Excuse

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Petition – “Stop South Africa’s attempts to legalize trade in rhino horn“- Global March for Elephants and Rhinos The “sustainable use of our natural resources” – Opinion After posting the Don Pinnock article (“Rhino sale bombshell hidden in new raft regulations,” Daily Maverick, 27 February 2017) the feedback received was ‘interesting’ …

Kenya and Wildlife Conservation

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Banner Image Courtesy of IFAW A guest article by Jane Sandon-Allum (UK) – Two Million Tusks Kenya and Trophy Hunting Having read a number of the comments on the “Hunters Conserve Wildlife” debate, I noticed in particular hunters’ comments about Kenya and the decline in wildlife “due to Kenya’s hunting ban” which …

“Hunters Conserve Wildlife” – The Debate

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In a forthcoming intelligence2 “Hunters Conserve Wildlife” – debate due 4 May 2016, the motion is:  “In 2014, a permit to hunt a single endangered black rhino was sold for $350,000… as part of a program to support its conservation in Namibia. Counterintuitive? Through funds raised from legal hunting—the purchase of permits …

Trophy Hunting and ‘Conservation’

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Banner: Photo by Hans Stieglitz via Wikimedia Commons In the past week or so, we have had some horrific numbers on poaching and the trade in trafficked animals parts, but also at the start of the month, the Namibian Cabinet announced via Information Minister, Tjekero Tweya, 3 March 2016, that …