Rhino Horn Trade – The Great Unknowns

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In December 2017’s, Biological Conservation (Vol. 216, page 60 – 68), a paper is published entitled “Sustainable rhino horn production at the pointy end of the rhino horn trade debate” authored by  Andrew Taylor, Dave Balfour, Diane Kirsty, Brebner Rynette, Coetzee Harriet Davies-Mostert, Peter A. Lindsey, Jo Shaw and Michael’t …

Rhino poached at SanWild

New Twist in South Africa’s Rhino Horn Trade

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Banner: Courtesy of SanWild, picture of a rhino killed by poachers for its horn On 26 November 2015, South Africa’s, Pretoria High Court ‘approved’ a challenge by two rhino farmers (John Hume and Johan Kruger) to sell their stockpiles of ‘harvested’ rhino horn, overturning a 2009 moratorium on such trade. Note: For those …

Global March for Elephant and Rhino

Global March for Elephants and Rhino

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CITES Conference of Parties (CoP17), 24 Sept – 5 October 2016, Johannesburg, South Africa As we approach the CITES (CoP17), there are proposals for key African species: ‘Uplist’ the African lion (Panthera leo) to CITES Appendix I; Inclusion of all populations of Loxodonta africana (African elephant) in Appendix I through the …


“South African Government Decides Against Rhino Horn Trade”

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Update: “Confirmed: No Rhino Horn Trade Proposal from South Africa at CITES CoP17,” Annamiticus, 25 April 2016 It is being reported by Reuters Africa, that South Africa has decided against ‘legalising’ rhino horn harvesting. But, stockpiling will continue at the farms where rhino horn has been harvested from (anesthetised) rhino. …

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Who’s Actually Killing and ‘Making a Killing’ from Rhino?

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By Andrew Van Ginkel, Durban, South Africa, 19 April 2016 Pseudo-hunting, Trophy Hunting and Rhino Poaching South Africa is home to 93% of the rhinos in Africa. At the start of the 20th century there were only 500,000 wild rhinos on earth. By 1970 this number had dropped to 70,000, today …


Saving One Rhino at a Time – Meet ‘Vinnie’

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As we know, there is bloody battle to save rhinoceros from the poachers’ brutal onslaught, particularly in South Africa, the last natural rhino strong-hold. “Further reports came in this morning around 04h30 of yet another two rhinos found dead in a private reserve in South Africa. It feels like a …


Kenya and Wildlife Conservation

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Banner Image Courtesy of IFAW A guest article by Jane Sandon-Allum (UK) – Two Million Tusks Kenya and Trophy Hunting Having read a number of the comments on the “Hunters Conserve Wildlife” debate, I noticed in particular hunters’ comments about Kenya and the decline in wildlife “due to Kenya’s hunting ban” which …


Is South Africa a Worthy CoP17 Host?

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In September 2016, CITES will convene the Conference of Parties (CoP17) in Johannesburg, South Africa. However, questions have to be raised of the host nation, namely the South African Minister for Environmental Affairs, Edna Molewa who will be welcoming delegates and hosting events at the Sandton Convention Centre, Johannesburg. This is …


Trophy Hunting and ‘Conservation’

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Banner: Photo by Hans Stieglitz via Wikimedia Commons In the past week or so, we have had some horrific numbers on poaching and the trade in trafficked animals parts, but also at the start of the month, the Namibian Cabinet announced via Information Minister, Tjekero Tweya, 3 March 2016, that …


The ‘Theatre’ of Wildlife Decimation

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In the war-like ‘theatre’ of organised wildlife crime, versus the authorities and anti-poaching units, where is the current ‘balance’ in this blood filled battle? Ultimately, where are we heading with regard to threatened species? Elephant Poaching Based on CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Flora and …