The “800 skeletons” – “captive produced lion bone trade under the quota system”

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Petition –  “End the export of captive-bred African lion parts from South Africa“ – Humane Society International Petition – “URGENT: Stop the Export of 800 Lion Skeletons from South Africa to Asia“ Petition – “Lions denied proper protection at CITES CoP17” – Captured in Africa Foundation   During the October …


African leopard – Endangered Species

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Banner image courtesy of Petition – “This is our chance to stop leopard trophy hunting and ban the U.S. import of leopard parts from Southern Africa.” In July 2016, the Humane Society of the United States, Humane Society International, International Fund for Animal Welfare, the Center for Biological Diversity and The Fund for …


The United Kingdom Ivory Trade

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UK Government and Parliament Petition – “Shut down the domestic ivory market in the United Kingdom“ Update from ivory auctioneers in Australia: “Leonard Joel kicks elephant out of the saleroom,” Financial Review, 7 December 2016 On Wednesday, 16 November 2016, Action for Elephants UK organised a gathering outside of the Department for Environment, Food …


Rhino Horn Harvesting – “A Shortcut to Extinction?”

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Banner image – Courtesy of Brent Stirton, Getty/National Geographic Creative  On Wednesday (3 August 2016), I attended a live debate at London’s The Royal Institution of Great Britain. The motion before the house was “This house believes that the global trade of rhino horn should be legalized” – The Royal …

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‘Canned’ Duplicity and Decline

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Petition – Stop the “Canned Hunting” of South Africa’s Lions The breeding of lion (and other animal ‘product’) has been going on for some 25 years plus in South Africa. The South African Department of Environmental Affairs’ (DEA’s) own candid definition of “canned lion hunting” clearly enlightens one to the …


Animal Abusers Amongst Us

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Warning: This article contains links to graphic images/video that are extremely disturbing Well, it seems there is lot of horrendous animal abuse in our world (always has been, but it does not have to continue that way is a ‘hope’ we can aspire to). Before anyone shouts back “well first, …

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“Volunteering with lions: discovering the truth behind the sham!”

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Petition – “South African Government: Please Ban the Cruel Breeding of Blood Lions!“ Foreword by Malena Persson, Campaign Against Canned Hunting (CACH), UK “I often look at social media pages from various lion farms and shake my head in sadness, desperately wishing that the young volunteers, surrounded by lion cubs, …

Rhino poached at SanWild

New Twist in South Africa’s Rhino Horn Trade

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Banner: Courtesy of SanWild, picture of a rhino killed by poachers for its horn On 26 November 2015, South Africa’s, Pretoria High Court ‘approved’ a challenge by two rhino farmers (John Hume and Johan Kruger) to sell their stockpiles of ‘harvested’ rhino horn, overturning a 2009 moratorium on such trade. Note: For those …