UK Hunting Trophies (Import Prohibition) Bill

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The “Hunting Trophies (Import Prohibition) Bill” is due for Report Stage/3rd Reading on Friday 17 March 2023.

[Update] The bill passed the Report Stage on the 17 March 2023 and will now proceed from the Commons to the next stages in the House of Lords.

Ban on imports of animal hunting trophies set to become law,” BBC News, 17 March 2023

Bill banning import of hunting trophies into UK passed by MPs,” The Guardian, 17 March 2023

“It is bitterly disappointing MPs have succumbed to an emotive but misinformed animal rights campaign”, said Amy Dickman, an Oxford University professor who is an expert on lion conservation. “This bill will kill more animals than it will save. Hopes for a rational, evidence-based debate now rest in the House of Lords.

Of course, Amy seems to have forgotten that the opportunity for “rational” “evidence-based debate” was a key element of the UK Consultation on Hunting Trophies process, which sought submissions/evidence in 2019 and guided the Government’s supported policy – “Government reaffirms support for the ban on hunting trophies” (DEFRA Press Release, 17 March 2023). There has been a lot of irrational ‘debate’ from pro-hunting supporters and those that seek to give abuse to hunters and their advocates. The UK government has made its decision and reaffirmed support for the ban on hunting trophies.

‘Cecil didn’t die in vain’: Emotions rise as Trophy Hunting Bill passes,” The Telegraph, 17 March 2023

He [Sir Bill Wiggin MP] went on to brand the proposals [the Hunting Trophies (Import Prohibition Bill] “a neo-colonial attempt to control conservation management programmes of African democratic countries.” What could more “neo-colonial” that African wildlife and hunting concessions reserved for predominantly elitist, foreign white trophy hunters to indulge their blood lust – trophy hunting was a gory colonial past-time from a bygone era and any claims that today trophy hunting is driven by conservation imperatives is disingenuous – the evidence base does not support those widely touted claims by the pro-trophy hunting lobby.

Two American tourists pose next to the dead body of Cecil the lion

Why worry about an import ban on hunting trophies when you can bag one at home?,” The Guardian, 19 March 2023

If you are a UK citizen, it is vital that you ask your local MP to be in the House of Commons chamber to support and vote for this bill on 17 March 2023. If there are not enough MPs present to vote for the bill, the bill could well fall aside – thus, the animals that could have potentially been saved will continue to be threatened with being killed/’harvested’ for fun (as in the above banner image), to become the ‘noble’ hunter’s trophy with the victim’s body parts imported into the United Kingdom.

Born Free Foundation have suggested a letter template you might like to use to e-mail/post to your local MP  – [as has the Campaign to Ban Trophy Hunting] you will need to give your name and home address to ensure your MP knows you are one of their constituents and that you are asking them to represent you on this matter.

The 17 March is fast approaching, so please take action as soon as you can – thank you in advance.

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