New Poll Shows Overwhelming Support for a Total UK Hunting Trophy Import Ban

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Banner Image – “Sport hunting in Zimbabwe is big business, with hunters such as David Barrett paying $10,000 for the experience. Barrett, who is British, and others argue that Western hunters provide vital revenue to local communities” National Geographic

In 2019, 68 percent of Conservative voters supported a trophy hunting ban compared with 17 percent who were against. However, a 2021 poll reveals that now 89 per cent of the sample (1,020 respondents)  support a ban while just 6 per cent are against.

And 89% of those polled want a total ban, not an ‘assessment’ of threat to a species by a given trophy hunt – a system which would certainly allow exploitable loop-holes, whereby if enough blood-money is paid (to “local communities,” or elsewhere) to slay a given target animal, this can somehow be twisted and construed as a positive contribution to ‘conservation’ despite a lack of corroborative independent, scientific evidence.



Vast majority of tory voters support a total ban on ‘barbaric’ trophy hunting imports,” Helena Horton, The Sunday Telegraph, 25 April 2021

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