The Extinction Business- South Africa’s Lion Bone Trade

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In a comprehensive report just released, “The Extinction Business, South Africa’s ‘Lion’ Bone Trade,” EMS Foundation and Ban Animal Trading, July 2018 the conclusion is: South Africa’s lion bone trade has “….created a situation where the legal trade in ‘lion’ bones is fuelling the illegal trade in lion and tiger …

Minister Edna Molewa establishes lion bone export quota for 2018

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Press Release: Republic of South Africa, Department of Environmental Affairs, 16 Jul 2018 Update: IWB letter to Her Excellency, South African High Commissioner to the UK, dated 31 July 2018   In accordance with advice provided by the Scientific Authority, the Department of Environmental  Affairs has determined the 2018 lion bone …

Chinese Government agency issuing permits for commercial trade in bone of hundreds of leopards

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“Leopards are Asia’s most traded big cat, with more than 4,900 leopards having been seized from illegal trade in Asia since 20002, and this figure likely represents a fraction of leopard parts being trafficked. Trade in their bones, primarily to meet demand from Chinese consumers, is a one of the …

Driving nails into the coffin of Safari Club International

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Original article and banner image (“Skye: Nadine Dreyer”) courtesy of Daily Maverick By Judy Malone, writing on behalf of Tourists Against Trophy Hunting, 28 June 2018 Trophy hunting is not about science, rights or traditions, or about personal choices. It is about right and wrong, good and evil. The self-evident truth is that …

Fair Game?

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Fair Game? Improving the well-being of South African wildlife – Endangered Wildlife Trust, Centre for Environmental Rights, 2018: “In practice, the current legal regime ultimately provides little protection for wild animals.”

Disrupt: Wildlife Cybercrime

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The International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) study of ‘cyber-crime’ wildlife trafficking: France, Germany, Russia and the United Kingdom: “The internet is now the world’s biggest marketplace, open all hours for buyers and sellers to exchange goods. With such a huge volume of transactions taking place daily, relatively low trading …