Rabbit Farming in the UK – Mylor Bridge, Cornwall AONB

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On 19 March 2021, Cornwall Council, Directorate for Planning, Growth and Sustainability refused the planning application (ref. PA20/08566) for Mr P Kerry’s proposed rabbit farm (captive breeding, meat and fur production) upon “Land North Of Tregunwith Wood Tregunwith Mylor Bridge TR11 5SU” – Notice of Refusal of Planning Permission, 19 March 2021.

An appeal (appellant: Mr P Kerry) has been granted (1 February 2022) with written representations to The Planning Inspectorate due before 8 March 2022.

IWB has followed past rabbit exploitative site and planning submissions by Mr Phil Kerry – IWB is preparing and will submit a written representation to The Planning Inspectorate in due course:

Appeal Against Planning Application Refusal for a Rabbit Farm – Land North Of Tregunwith Wood, Tregunwith, Mylor Bridge, TR11 5SU – Ref: APP/D0840/W/21/3283175,” IWB, 7 March 2022


[Update] Planning Inspectorate, Appeal Decision, 26 April 2022:

There are no material considerations that indicate the decision should be made other than in accordance with the development plan. Therefore, for the reasons given, I conclude that the appeal should be dismissed– Nick Davies, Inspector


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Further Reading

Mylor Bridge rabbit farm – appeal launched against refusal,” The Falmouth Packet, 9 February 2022

Tregunwith Wood, Mylor rabbit farm application refused,” The Falmouth Packet, 21 March 2021


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