UK Ivory Act – Enactment due 6 June 2022

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Dealing in items containing ivory or made of ivory,” Gov.UK, 16 March 2022

From 6 June [2022], you will not be able to deal in items containing or made of elephant ivory under the Ivory Act 2018 unless they are registered as exempt or certified as exempt.

References to ivory in this guidance means ivory from an elephant.

The Act does not apply to ivory items that are owned if you have no intention to deal in them.

The Ivory Act applies throughout the whole of the United Kingdom, including in Northern Ireland.”

Well done to everyone that campaigned so hard for the Ivory Act 2018 to be enacted. All ivory bearing species to be encompassed within the Act we trust…..and the UK ends the loop-hole whereby elephants, hippopotamus etc. can still be trophy hunted and the ivory so obtained imported regardless of the the Ivory Act 2018.

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