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On 6 October 2017, the United Kingdom Government (Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (DEFRA)) launched a consultation on ivory – “Ban UK Sales of Ivory” – with an Online Survey at the foot of the link page.

The consultation period ends on 29 December 2017 – so add you thoughts as soon as possible.

The consultation is framed around 27 questions regarding ivory trading, with a Ivory Consultation document (DEFRA, October 2017)  available for guidance. Plus, we have Two Million Tusks excellent report, “Ivory – The Grey Areas” and Ban UK Ivory Sales  website for reference and guidance.

However, if the objective of any action is to save elephant populations from the current onslaught that has left wild elephants  unable to sustain even current population levels, then all aspect of ivory sourcing and elephant exploitation and attrition need to  be addressed (such as trophy hunting). Question 27 of the consultation provides that opportunity – “Do you have any other comments about this proposed ivory ban?

I urge anyone reading this article to participate in the United Kingdom ‘Ivory Consultation’ survey – which is open to non-citizens.

IWB’s full written submission is given in PDF form below, with IWB’s responses to all 27 of DEFRA’s survey questions given at Appendix 1 to that submission:

United Kingdom Ivory Consultation,” IWB, 2 November 2017

Update: Two Million Tusks’ response to DEFRA

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