The Controversial Lion Hunt in Umbabat – South Africa

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Study  (“The Controversial Lion Hunt in Umbabat – South Africa,” 16 July 2018) and petition into the trophy hunt that killed Skye – baited and lured to his death on 7 June 2018 from the ‘protection’ of the Kruger National Park:

Despite limitations, the practice of trophy hunting lions seems, too often, to targets males in their reproductive prime so that the hunter can get a better trophy. This can lead to elevated infanticide and reduced reproduction by the removal of too many adult males and this sadly leads to a rapid population decline.”

Petition: “A Hunter Lured Skye the Lion Out of His Refuge and Shot Him – Demand Justice Now


Photo Credit: Charlie Lynam

Further Reading:

Controversy over Skye the lion,” The Mercury, via Conservation Action Trust, 19 September 2018

Report to the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Environmental Affairs,” Don Pinnock, via Conservation Action Trust, 22 August 2018

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