Urgent Appeal to Help Zoo Animals in Desperate Plight

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Update: Gaza update by FOURPAWS – Help still needed for the animals starving in Gaza’s zoos. FOUR PAWS’ Urgent Appeal to Help Support Animals from Gaza’s, South Jungle Zoo Text (UK) GAZA14 £3 to 70070 to donate Update: 10 February 2016, from FOUR PAWS (USA team) “Dear animal friends, Thanks to your support, our team has …

Call to Increase Sentencing in the UK for Animal Abuse Crimes

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Urgent Review to the Law and Level of Sentencing for Animal Abuse Crimes Please consider adding your signature (if you have not already done so) to call on the UK government to enhance animal abuse sentencing. Thank you…. Change.org – Petition Link The recent case of ‘Blaze’, Aberdeenshire, Scotland in August …

Antelope running across the savannah in Botswana. Jump.

Call To Stop ‘Drive Hunt’ Slaughter ‘Happening’ in South Africa

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The Daily Telegraph – 14 September 2015 According to Carte Blanche TV, the final death toll from the Limpopo Driven hunt was 98 animals, but the species and suffering are still being assessed: Carte Blanche Driven Hunt Video ________________________________________________________________________ Stop the Limpopo Driven Hunt Petition _________________________________________________________________________ BAT reporting that today, 11 September, that …


The Economics of Poaching, Trophy and Canned Hunting

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Petition UK Government to Improve Protection of White and Black rhinoceros, African lions and African elephants from Trophy Hunting _______________________________________________________________________ Download PDF – The Economics of Poaching, Trophy and Canned Hunting Let’s just start by saying there is a complex array of variables impinging on the whole economics that weigh …