Challenging the Captive Lion Industry

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As we await Minister Creecy’s public announcement of South Africa’s High Level Panel recommendations regarding the captive breeding industry (and other ‘sustainable utilisation’ policies), South Africa’s  National Council of SPCAs (NSPCA) recent report, “NSPCA Challenges the Captive Lion Industry” (February 2021), makes for a sombre read and reminder of the cruel, futile exploitation of an iconic species (and many other so abused species) in the name of greed/profit.

NSPCA Challenges the Captive Lion Industry,” February 2021

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  1. Tammy Hynes

    Please you must stop allowing people to do these awful, cruel acts to the lions or any animal. Animals feel pain they have emotions, maybe not as deep as ours but emotions just different but I know they know happy life or a awful life, I know they mourn the loss of a mate or cub. Please stop this wicked practice. We don’t have the right to take another living, breathing creature life especially for money or to hang on a wall how barbaric can man be. The killing of any animal lessens the value of animals to some people too. Animals are so important to us and this planet. So much man has destroyed or murdered for greed. Please stop this very cruel, unnecessary practice.

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