“Killing Game – The Extinction Industry”

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The “Killing Game” is the July 2020 follow up book from Eduardo Gonçalves to “Trophy Hunters Exposed” (launched June 2020):

Killing Game” – UK order link – Published by Green Future Books Ltd.

Killing Game” – US/rest of the world order link – Published by Green Future Books Ltd.

TROPHY HUNTING is putting some of the world’s most threatened species on a FAST-TRACK to EXTINCTION.

That’s the shocking finding of “KILLING GAME: The Extinction Industry”, the brilliant sequel to the explosive best-seller “TROPHY HUNTERS EXPOSED: Inside the Big Game Industry” by award-winning conservationist and writer Eduardo Gonçalves.

Launched on the 5th anniversary of the shooting of Cecil the lion, “KILLING GAME: The Extinction Industry” charts the calamitous COLLAPSE in LIONS in recent years. Killing just 5% of the remaining adult males could be all it takes to push lions past the point of no-return. Lions could be completely gone from the wild by 2050…

Gonçalves reveals INTERNAL INDUSTRY records which show African ELEPHANTS’ tusks are SHRINKING dramatically – thanks to the insatiable appetite of trophy hunters and poachers. He shows how, as a result of this, elephants may NOT survive climate change.

In a no-holds-barred foreword, world-famous primatologist JANE GOODALL writes:

“Trophy hunting is leading to the extinction of a number of species. Scientific studies have demonstrated the links between trophy hunting and population declines. Yet exports of hunting trophies continue to increase. The annual lion hunting quota is now equivalent to one third of the males that can be hunted. For the good of conservation, the days of the ‘great White Hunter’ should be brought to a close.”

“KILLING GAME: The Extinction Industry” reveals that huge numbers of WHITE RHINOS are today being shot by Chinese hunters using a legal ‘loophole’ that lets trophy hunters kill rhinos for their horns. Trophy Hunters are now allowed to shoot TWICE as many critically endangered BLACK RHINOS following industry lobbying.

POLAR BEARS have been shot for their GENITALIA and GALLS used in traditional Chinese medicines. LEOPARDS are being shot in huge numbers despite IUCN warnings their numbers are falling. CHEETAH numbers are now down to fewer than 7,000 – yet the EU still lets hunters bring their trophies in.

“KILLING GAME: The Extinction Evidence” unearths dramatic new evidence showing that Trophy Hunters have ALREADY shot animals to EXTINCTION. It also explores the links between some wildlife groups and the industry… and how they tried to BLOCK moves to protect GIRAFFES, who are fast becoming one of the world’s most endangered animals.

It exposes some of the most HORRIFIC hunts of threatened species currently on offer – including CANNED TIGER and JAGUAR hunts in South Africa, as well as KANGAROO and ‘Frankenstein’ animal hunting on private American ranches.

After the furore which followed the shooting of Cecil the lion, the UK government promised repeatedly it would stop British hunters from bringing back lion trophies – then quietly dropped the pledge. “KILLING GAME: The Extinction Industry” reveals that hunters from the UK have shot at least another 50 lions…

“KILLING GAME: The Extinction Industry” warns that trophy hunting is in danger of causing the WORLD’S FIRST BIG CAT EXTINCTION since the sabre-tooth tiger died out in pre-historic times.

“Virtually everyone agrees that Trophy Hunting is cruel and immoral,” says Eduardo Gonçalves. “We now have incontrovertible proof of trophy hunting’s devastating impact on wildlife. What more will it take for governments to finally act?”

Royalties from book sales will be donated to the Campaign to Ban Trophy Hunting.

Further Reading

Trophy Hunting: A Detailed Exposé of the Extinction Industry,” Dr Marc Bekoff, Psychology Today, 3 October 2020



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