The Vicious Circle

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It’s not just lions/big cats being cruelly exploited in South Africa’s captive breeding industry, but also vulnerable people:

One of our key findings following multiple interviews with industry stakeholders, was the exploitation, not only of South Africa’s wildlife, but the exploitation of its people too on these farms. By talking to farm managers and various other employees that work, or have worked, on intensive big cat farms, we can reveal the industry takes advantage of its workers by employing vulnerable members of society such as illegal immigrants, in order to pay below the minimum wage, cash in hand and on a no-contract basis. This is on top of the day-to-day work that exposes workers to dangerous working conditions that include working with wild animals without safety precautions, prior training or access to medical aid following an injury sustained no location” – “The Vicious Circle – A review of the exploitation of South Africa’s captive big cats & its people,” Four Paws, March 2021

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    My thought is the human race should have never been created, I just hope it dies out before the rightful owners are extinct.

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