Running Out of Time

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Latest report from the Environmental Investigation Agency………the problems are clear for all to see, so why don’t the authorities in Vietnam act according to their own national laws (and international laws)?

The lack of decisive Vietnamese enforcement action is fuelling the illegal poaching of rhino, elephants and pangolin, plus promoting illicit, vile captive tiger ‘farms’ which should be closed down along with any remaining bear ‘farms’ etc.

“As well as being a destination market for Vietnamese nationals purchasing and consuming products such as ivory trinkets, powdered rhino horn, tiger bone ‘glue’ and pangolin meat, Vietnam also serves as an important transit hub for illegal wildlife trade into China.

Despite the fact that Vietnam has the basic legislation and institutional framework to combat wildlife crime, multiple independent sources have exposed its prominent role in wildlife trafficking.”

PDF – Running Out of Time, Environmental Investigation Agency, July 2019

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  1. Sharie Lomas

    Running Out Of Time is most alarming to many people who actually care and are concerned about the protection of endangered animal species. Certain endangered species are truly on the brink of extinction.The clock is winding down. It seems to me that most Chinese haven’t got a clue about what is going on in this regard and / or if they do, they just don’t care. They simply want their continued supply of supposedly special medicines / potions which are made from the body parts of endangered animals. And they pay big money to get these body parts. Vietnam is profiting from the sale of these animal parts to China. Sadly, money is what it’s all boils down to. Money drives everything in this world. It’s a very sad state indeed.

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