“We must end this barbaric practice”

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We must end this barbaric practice” is a reported quote with regard to the ethical/moral acceptability of trophy hunting by Boris Johnson – British Prime Minister given in a 28 September 2019 tweet alongside a picture of Cecil the lion – it’s now 6 years since this iconic lion’s slaughter on 1 July 2015 for a hunting trophy.

One only has to read of the pleasure derived by those that kill animals for fun to see that any claims trophy hunters and their advocates make to try and dominate the moral high-ground (‘conservation’, ‘community benefits’ etc.) is a disingenuous façade – the hunter’s motivation is the kill/trophy: 

Under Cover Trophy Hunter,” Edurado Gonçalves, July 2021

It’s been over a year since the UK government’s consultation on hunting trophy imports/exports closed – conclusions/actions are still awaited. The public expects the government’s commitment to close this industry in all its forms from UK shores without any wavering – seeking ‘exemptions’ that pander to the hunter’s perverse ‘needs’:

An opinion poll by Survation conducted in March this year showed that 89 per cent of Conservative supporters want a total ban on all trophies being brought back into Britain. The figure is higher than that for supporters of the Labour Party. The same proportion of Conservatives polled by Survation said they believed such a ban should be implemented “as soon as possible” – Conservative Home, Stanley Johnson and Edurado Gonçalves, 1 July 2021

UK Parliament Early Day Motion (EDM) 86 was raised 20 May 2021 (encourage your MP to sign it) and rightly proffers:

That this House welcomes the Government’s commitment to implementing a robust, comprehensive and world-leading ban on trophy hunting imports; agrees that the trophy hunting of animals, including those at risk of extinction, is morally reprehensible” the motion duly noting the overwhelming public support for such a ban. More MPs need to be reminded to sign this EDM to show solidarity with the public’s stance with regard to trophy hunting’s abhorrence – despite the pro-hunting lobby admitting that the “backlash against trophy-hunting is understandable” whilst this lobby continues to promote trophy hunting as an evil that must continue to be tolerated.

Whilst we await any public release of the conclusions drawn from the UK Consultation exercise, the UK continues to allow the export of hunting trophies (such as Stags in Scotland, or the Père David deer, trophy hunted within the UK at Woburn Abbey) as well as hunting trophy imports….

Note: All such hunting trophies are regarded as ‘non-commercial’ in CITES’ thinking, so there are no obvious potential commercial ‘trade’ penalties that could be imposed on the UK from third parties, such as the World Trade Organisation (WTO) if the UK bans/restricts trophy exports from her shores. France, The Netherlands (and others) have imposed such restrictions without incurring such penalties, so any excuse being given that ending such imports/exports could incur penalties is without precedent/merit.

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