‘Canned’ Industry Deceit, Intimidation and Threats

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Video – A heavily sedated, ‘canned’ lion being manhandled to an enclosure, to be executed by a paying Trophy Hunter. The DSC and SCI hunters’ associations still believe this a ‘sport’ and good ‘conservation?’ No, it’s animal abuse and exploitation and has been for the past 20 years+ – it’s been supported …

Merry Christmas to all Animal Advocates!

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Let’s all hope that 2016 brings good news for the planet’s Animal Kingdom. Let’s share (the start of) some good stories and excellent animal welfare work towards the end of 2015 –  progress is being made (but much more is needed): “Bear bile farms ended in Quang Ninh Province, Vietnam,” 13 December 2015, Animals Asia, …

United Kingdom Adjournment Debate, “African Lion Numbers”

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DEFRA response dated 21 January 2016 _______________________________________________________ “Zimbabwe and Mozambique Lion Trophy Imports Bans Imminent,” LionAid, 3 December 2015 “LionAid believe there to be no more than 40 lion trophy males left now in Zambia, so this ban is very good news indeed, especially since Zambia has stated it will …

The EU’s Stance on Trophy Hunting and Trophy Imports

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Safari Club International European Advocacy Initiative, November 2015 Safari Club International (SCI) is worried, that the “animal rights groups’ efforts” to “ban all forms of animal use activities” (do they really mean animal ‘use,’ or animal ‘abuse’ activities I wonder?) might be gaining too much influence over EU policy makers. SCI …

“The End of ‘Canned Hunting’ Looks Imminent”

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Update: African Lion Working Group (ALWG) ‘finally’ joins the Professional Hunters Association, South Africa (PHASA) in condemning  “captive-bred (‘canned’) lion hunting.” _____________________________________________________________ “The turning tide: Blood Lions v lion breeding and canned hunting,” Daily Maverick, 13 December 2015 “But now comes the real test……” “From now PHASA will be judged not …

“Ngala, Fighting for Lions” Filming in Progress

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“Ngala, Fighting for lions” Update, 10 December 2015 “Ngala film is progressing steadily. We are about to finish a pilot that should help us get further funding for the following stages of the documentary. We already recorded the voice over with actor Jerome Flynn and everything is looking pretty amazing.” “PHASA, …

“March for Lions”- London, 28 November and Blood Lions Screenings UK

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Calling all fellow UK residents/visitors “March for Cecil/Lions” Start in Piccadilly (Bomber Command Memorial, 12:00 hours) to  Trafalgar Square, 28 November 2015 ______________________________________________________________ Blood Lions screening at European Parliament, 17 November 2015 ______________________________________________________________ Please remember that Blood Lions will be shown in the UK as follows (unless there is a change …

Petitions Seeking to Enhance the Protection of the African Lion

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African lions need enhanced protection from habitat loss, poaching and the scourge of ‘Trophy’ and ‘Canned’ lion hunting. Please help! Change.org Petition to UN/UNESCO to establish the African lion as a “World Heritage Species” Petition to UK Government to propose resolutions to CITES (CoP17) to enhance the African lion to CITES Appendix I level protection.

Blood Lions Airing in South Africa Tonight!

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The South African television premiere of Blood Lions is tonight (11 October 2015, 22:00 hours) on Discovery Channel 121. A documentary exposing the predator breeding, cub petting and canned hunting industry in South Africa. Watch it to have the power to create change and awareness. ‪#‎BLOODLIONS If you would really …

EU Fails to Ban Lion Trophy Hunting Imports

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France Bans Lion Trophy Imports, 18 November 2015 The EU’s Stance on Trophy Hunting and Trophy Imports, 30 November 2015 I was saddened to read that the European Union’s (EU’s) Scientific Review Group (SRG) agreed on 15 September that lion trophies can still be brought into Europe from Tanzania, Zimbabwe, …