UK Government’s Stance on Lion Trophy Hunting

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Following the 24 November 2015, Adjournment Debate “African Lion Numbers,” IWB wrote to Mr Rory Stewart MP (letter dated 3 December 2015), the United Kingdom’s Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (DEFRA) seeking clarity. An informative and somewhat reassuring reply from DEFRA (DEFRA’s letter, dated 21 January 2016) has now been …

How Can ‘We’ Save the African Lion, Panthera Leo?

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Download PDF of this article – How Can ‘We’ Save the African Lion, Panthera Leo? [Updated 25 January 2021] Let’s start by saying that I do not understand how anyone could want to kill an animal and put its remains on home display, particularly a lion from a rapidly dwindling wild …

The EU’s Stance on Trophy Hunting and Trophy Imports

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Safari Club International European Advocacy Initiative, November 2015 Safari Club International (SCI) is worried, that the “animal rights groups’ efforts” to “ban all forms of animal use activities” (do they really mean animal ‘use,’ or animal ‘abuse’ activities I wonder?) might be gaining too much influence over EU policy makers. SCI …

EU as a new Party to CITES: implications, opportunities and priorities

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European Parliament, Brussels, 20 October 2015 Petition to Improve Protection of African Lions  (plus Rhino and Elephants) I was privileged to attend (facilitated by The Born Free Foundation and Joanne Cruz, European Commission) the MEPs4Wildlife’s meeting in Brussels on 20 October – However, due to European Parliament building access security, I took …

“Ngala, Fighting for Lions” Filming in Progress

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“Ngala, Fighting for lions” Update, 10 December 2015 “Ngala film is progressing steadily. We are about to finish a pilot that should help us get further funding for the following stages of the documentary. We already recorded the voice over with actor Jerome Flynn and everything is looking pretty amazing.” “PHASA, …

Magnificent Elephant ‘Killed’ by German ‘Trophy Hunter’ in Zimbabwe

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PETA Germany Petition to Stop The Import of Nkombo’s Tusks – Sign and Share Justice for Massive Elephant Murdered by Hunter – Animal Petitions – Sign and Share Petition UK Government to propose a resolution to CITES (CoP17) for the removal of exemptions of African elephant populations in Botswana, Namibia, South Africa and Zimbabwe …

Petitions Seeking to Enhance the Protection of the African Lion

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African lions need enhanced protection from habitat loss, poaching and the scourge of ‘Trophy’ and ‘Canned’ lion hunting. Please help! Petition to UN/UNESCO to establish the African lion as a “World Heritage Species” Petition to UK Government to propose resolutions to CITES (CoP17) to enhance the African lion to CITES Appendix I level protection.

IWB Petition to the UK Government

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Call to enhance protection of White and Black rhinoceros, African lions and African elephants IWB Petition to the UK Government  Petition open to British Citizens and UK Residents only At 10,000 signatures we get a response from the government. At 100,000 signatures our petition will be considered for a debate in Parliament. ____________________________________________________ Current …