Petitions Seeking to Enhance the Protection of the African Lion

Stephen Wiggins IWB Led Petition, Petition 9 Comments

African lions need enhanced protection from habitat loss, poaching and the scourge of ‘Trophy’ and ‘Canned’ lion hunting.

Please help!

UNESCO Petition to UN/UNESCO to establish the African lion as a “World Heritage Species”

UK CoP17 Petition_1Petition to UK Government to propose resolutions to CITES (CoP17) to enhance the African lion to CITES Appendix I level protection.

Comments 9

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  3. Kim

    I truly believe that “ALL” the wildlife of Africa needs protecting, and to breed ions or any other big cats for hunting is wrong, Trophy Hunting , or Canned Hunts do nothing to help protect wildlife , the only thing it does is put money in the hands of the breeders, or the people who set up these tragic safari hunts. They say the money is used for conservation but that is a lie. Please you need to protect these animals from the gun sights.

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  5. Lisa Wysocki

    Please do NOT continue the sick practice of trophy hunting and protect the lions as a precious creature.
    If there are NO lions, there will be NO more tourists.

  6. S Schroeder

    I am wholly commited to helping save the African lion, and all other forms of wildlife in Africa. There must be a way, in the face of a burgeoning population crisis, to set aside safe areas where these magnificent animals may roam unharmed. Much stiffer penalties and punishments are necessary for poaching and poisoning. I am against ANY form of hunting, unless it can be proven beyond the shadow of a doubt, that it is helping lions thrive, and I do not believe that to be possible. People all over the world are watching now, and I hope that 2016 truly IS the Year Of The Lion, like the Born Free organization intends.

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