Blood Lions Airing in South Africa Tonight!

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The South African television premiere of Blood Lions is tonight (11 October 2015, 22:00 hours) on Discovery Channel 121. A documentary exposing the predator breeding, cub petting and canned hunting industry in South Africa.

Blood Lions South Africa

Watch it to have the power to create change and awareness. ‪#‎BLOODLIONS

If you would really like to ‪#‎GetInvolved – join the international tweet storm at 3pm CAT (2pm GMT) here:

Related News: In response to recent ‘screening’ claims by Ukutula Lodge

Blood Lions does NOT ENDORSE Ukutula Lodge and Lion Park.

The Blood Lions team and supporters condemn the attempt by Ukutula, a predator breeding and volunteer tourism operation, to link themselves with the film ‪#‎BLOODLIONS.

We wish to make the following clear:

– The BLOOD LIONS team have had no contact whatsoever with anyone from Ukutula since the completion of the documentary and have certainly not given permission for them to ‘screen’ the film.

– The statement appearing on their various pages is completely misleading: the ‘screening’ they seem to be referring to is in fact a scheduled one with Discovery Channel for 11th October.

– The owners of Ukutula were given every opportunity by the makers of Blood Lions to go before the cameras – after various heated conversations with Ian Michler, they chose not to.

– Blood Lions does not in any way endorse Ukutula, its activities or any of its employees or owners. The full length version of Blood Lions exposes the Ukutula claims that they only breed for research purposes, despite it being obvious that they breed lions to sustain a lucrative volunteer tourism business.

As such, we challenge Ukutula to:

1). Explain why is it necessary to breed hundreds of lions that are not required by their “research partners”?

2). Explain why they remove cubs from their mothers at 3 – 10 days, when their mothers are perfectly able to raise them?

3) Prove that none of the lions that they have bred and sold, have been hunted or slaughtered for their bones?

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