“There’s No Excuse for Animal Abuse!”

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 Credit for banner picture – Unattributed at the moment Taiji Action Day, 19 February _________________________________________________________________ UK Petition – “Government make public protest against killing of dolphins at Taiji Cove Japan” Yesterday’s (19 February 2016) Taiji Action Day march to raise awareness for the dolphins being captured and killed in Japan, was …

Beavers Being ‘Eradicated’ by Scottish Land Managers

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Banner image by courtesy of the Scottish Beaver Trial  Update: 1 December 2016 – “Reintroduced beavers to stay after being granted native species status“ Update: 15 May 2019 – “‘The inferno begins’: Scottish beavers ‘callously’ culled despite full legal protection, campaigners say“ “Eurasian beavers taken from Norway were released at …

How Can ‘We’ Save the African Lion, Panthera Leo?

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Download PDF of this article – How Can ‘We’ Save the African Lion, Panthera Leo? Let’s start by saying that I do not understand how anyone could want to kill an animal and put its remains on home display, particularly a lion from a rapidly dwindling wild population (or a ‘canned’ …

SeaWorld’s Cynical Re-branding Exercise

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Banner image courtesy of Banksy Petition –  “Tell SeaWorld to stop being hypocrites and end all orca shows!” – Phoebe Goldstein During a recent (9 November 2015) presentation to SeaWorld Entertainment Incorporated Investors, President and Chief Executive, Joel Manby shared SeaWorld’s plan: “to build on the company’s strong business fundamentals by …

Commoditisation of Rhino Horn Trade ‘Self-Approved’ in South Africa

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Update, 17 March 2016 – South Africa attempts to surreptitiously ‘legalise’ rhino horn harvesting – South Africa’s Minister of Environmental Affairs, Edna Molewa “pre-empts” recommendations of on-going ‘Committee of Inquiry’ with Department of Environmental Affairs budget documents stating that “South Africa will submit its rhino horn trade proposal at CITES COP 17.” “Last May, a group …

Taiji Protest – Japanese Embassy, London, 18 December 2015

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Petition UK Government – “Government make public protest against killing of dolphins at Taiji Cove Japan.” ____________________________________________________________________ Please be there, Japanese Embassy, London, 18 December, 12:00 – 18:00 hours (Next one announced for 16th January, 2016) London Against the Dolphin Massacre – Taiji, Japan – Event Page  ____________________________________________________________________  1 December …

Stop the Annual Slaughter in the Faroe Islands

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Petitions Petition Council of the European Union Petition to take the Kingdom of Denmark to court Petition Kingdom of Denmark to Comply with EU Legislation Petition UK Government to Pressure Kingdom of Denmark Petition Prime Minister of Faroe Islands, Kaj Leo Johannesen Petition US Secretary of State John Kerry; UN Secretary …

Lion Cub to Be Dissected at Odense Zoo, Denmark, Thursday 15 October

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24 October Petition to Prohibit EU Zoos from Breeding ‘Surplus’ Animals _____________________________________________________________________ Original “Stop the Dissection of Lion Cub” – Petition – Care2 Vote – The Mirror Newspaper UPDATE I am sickened to report, the lion cub dissection at Odense Zoo went ahead earlier today – “Adult spectators held scarves to their noses …

Petitions Seeking to Enhance the Protection of the African Lion

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African lions need enhanced protection from habitat loss, poaching and the scourge of ‘Trophy’ and ‘Canned’ lion hunting. Please help! Change.org Petition to UN/UNESCO to establish the African lion as a “World Heritage Species” Petition to UK Government to propose resolutions to CITES (CoP17) to enhance the African lion to CITES Appendix I level protection.

The Lion Cub Con in ‘Canned’ Farms

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Update: “I Was Tricked into Raising Lions Cubs for Hunters to Kill,” Beth Jennings, The Dodo, 1 March 2016  Beth Jennings’ “Claws Out” web-site “Blood Lions Warns Against the Dark Side of African Voluntourism,” Daily Telegraph, Travel, 1 December 2015 IWB Letter to Sun International to Stop Promoting Wildlife ‘Petting’ FOUR …