NGO Appeal for Closure of Captive Lion Breeding Industry and Associated Activities

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PDF version of letter – NGO Appeal for Closure of Captive Lion Breeding Industry and Associated Activities, 2 December 2020   Minister of Environment, Forestry and Fisheries Department of Environment, Forestry and Fisheries Environment House, 473 Steve Biko, Arcadia, Pretoria 0083, South Africa For attention Faroze Shaik, Chief of Staff [email protected]

Trophy Hunting is a Major Threat to Lions – Interpretive Bias

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By Jared Kukura, Wild Things Initiative,  6 December 2020 Once again, a scientific paper is presented in a way to disparage critics of the trophy hunting community despite its shortcomings and potentially contradictory interpretations. The Threat Analysis for More Effective Lion Conservation attempted to provide a framework for defining issues plaguing lions which …

Call for China to Amend its Wildlife Protection Law

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Considering how China’s pharmaceutical industry continues to blatantly utilises wildlife (with the support of naïve western investment), the call is long overdue for China (and others) to curtail the commercial exploitation of species such as pangolins, leopards, tiger, bears and elephants…..for ‘cures,’ trinkets and status symbols.   27 non-governmental organisations call …

Captive lion breeding damages SA’s tourism reputation

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By Melissa Reitz, Conservation Action Trust, 17 November 2020  Despite overwhelming worldwide opposition, including a parliamentary resolution to close down the captive lion breeding industry, SA’s government is ignoring red flags that the industry is damaging the country’s reputation and deliberating a 2020 annual trade quota for the export of lion bones. The …

Safari Club International’s Plan to Colonize Africa’s Hunting Grounds

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By Jared Kukura, Wild Things Initiative, 27 October 2020 – Article given in Conservation Action Trust In 1996, Safari Club International and their African Chapter held a series of visits and meetings around the African continent. The result was a report called the SCI African Chapter Strategic Plan for Africa. It detailed …

Urgent questions about the welfare of wildlife that Parliament needs to ask

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Banner image: An overcrowded camp with lion cubs of the same age. (Photo: Blood Lions) By Don Pinnock, Daily Maverick, 26 August 2020 As Department of Agriculture officials file into a meeting with Parliament’s Environmental Portfolio Committee on Friday (August 28) to explain the animal welfare laws they administer and the implications …

Informing The Debate on Trophy Hunting

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On the 30 June 2020, Dr Dilys Roe, Chair – IUCN Sustainable Use and Livelihoods Specialist Group (SULi) [and Board Member of advocacy group, Resource Africa UK] and Dr Amy Dickman, Director – Ruaha Carnivore Project, University of Oxford, presented to the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for Shooting and Conservation, Chaired by Sir Geoffrey Clifton-Brown MP (‘Benefit …