Global March for Lions, London Report – 2 April 2016

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What a glorious day we had to march in London “for the love of lions” (and other so exploited species in ‘canned’ farms). We were blessed with sunshine from above….!

The march was well attended by Campaign Against Canned Hunting, FOUR PAWS, Protecting African Lions, Claws Out  (and IWB I hope) followers…… like-minded concerned individuals, families and friends that felt complelled to voice their disapproval of the ‘canned’ industry.

Canned Hunting

FOUR PAWS Info-graphic of ‘Canned’ Lion Breeding and Hunting 

The good natured public showed great interest in the march and took leaflets from the marchers by the hundreds. The same was happening in unison across the globe with #GMFL marches on multiple continents, through many cities.

The message was spread regarding the abhorrent industry of ‘canned’ hunting, captive-bred lions, big cats and other species bred to be executed for hunting $$$$ and to supply ‘parts’ for nonsensical  hypothetical medicines and ornaments in Asia:

This ‘canned’ industry is a deceitful embarrassment to humanity and must end now!

A special mention for Mandie Coppen, who was still with us in spirit campaigning “for the love of lions.

 Video – A natural young voice singing with passion to treat animals humanely – written and performed by Hayden.


  Video – Malena Persson (CACH) and Steve Travis’ speech GMFL 2016, London – Protecting African





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