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Four Paws’ Petition – Stop Canned Hunting!

So far nearly 150,000 people have signed the Four Paws petition “Stop Canned Hunting!” – but more signatures are needed.

Four Paws has been helping animals around the world for over 25 years. IWB fully supports Four Paws’ campaign against animal abuse and the work to bring down the cruel ‘canned’ industry for good.

Four Paws estimate that almost 2,000 lions are living in cages right now, waiting to be shot for the right price. Some will be lured with bait. Some will be drugged.

Blood Lions (“Bred for the Bullet“) estimates that:

“According to government and private sectors sources, it is thought there are about 200 farms and breeding facilities holding somewhere between 6,000 and 8,000 predators in captivity. The vast majority held, possibly as many as 7,000 of these, are lions. Other species held include cheetah and leopard as well as a host of exotic animals such as tiger, jaguar and puma.”

With your help, hopefully more animals will be rescued from their cruel fate as a ‘commodity’ for ‘canned hunting’ trophy kills, before it’s too late.

KIMBA Lionsrock

Kimba – Picture Courtesy of Lionsrock

Kimba, was born into the ‘canned hunting’ industry in South Africa. As soon as Kimba was fully grown, he was advertised online as an expensive and desirable trophy.

Thanks to Four Paws’ supporters, Four Paws was able to rescue this magnificent lion just in time. Kimba now lives at Lionsrock – Four Paws’ huge sanctuary in South Africa. Kimba is now head of his own pride, where he is able to live out a full, natural life with dignity and safety.

Please share Four Paws’ petition with your friends and family, and help us end this barbaric practice for good. Together we can save more lions and other ‘canned’ animals like Kimba from this cruel and unnecessary ‘industry.’

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