The Economics of Captive Predator Breeding in South Africa

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There is a planned “Colloquium” (workshop) on the 21 and 22 August 2018 in Cape Town, South Africa titled “Captive Lion Breeding for Hunting in South Africa; Harming or Promoting the Conservation Image of the Country[?]” The answer seems fairly obvious, the harm is manifest: IWB’s letter to the Chairperson: …

Is ‘Canned’ Damaging Brand South Africa?

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The Campaign Against Canned Hunting (CACH) and SPOTS (Netherlands) issued an updated report today, a compendium of all the self-inflicted, international bad publicity South Africa garners from harbouring the macabre captive (‘canned’) big cat breeding industry within its territory. “Captive Lion Breeding, Canned Lion Hunting & the Lion Bone Trade: …

The Extinction Business- South Africa’s Lion Bone Trade

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In a comprehensive report just released, “The Extinction Business, South Africa’s ‘Lion’ Bone Trade,” EMS Foundation and Ban Animal Trading, July 2018 the conclusion is: South Africa’s lion bone trade has “….created a situation where the legal trade in ‘lion’ bones is fuelling the illegal trade in lion and tiger …

Chinese Government agency issuing permits for commercial trade in bone of hundreds of leopards

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“Leopards are Asia’s most traded big cat, with more than 4,900 leopards having been seized from illegal trade in Asia since 2002, and this figure likely represents a fraction of leopard parts being trafficked. Trade in their bones, primarily to meet demand from Chinese consumers, is a one of the …

Fair Game?

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Fair Game? Improving the well-being of South African wildlife – Endangered Wildlife Trust, Centre for Environmental Rights, 2018: “In practice, the current legal regime ultimately provides little protection for wild animals.”

Disrupt: Wildlife Cybercrime

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The International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) study of ‘cyber-crime’ wildlife trafficking: France, Germany, Russia and the United Kingdom: “The internet is now the world’s biggest marketplace, open all hours for buyers and sellers to exchange goods. With such a huge volume of transactions taking place daily, relatively low trading …

“Ivory Towers”

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“Ivory Towers – An Assessment of Japan’s Ivory Trade and Domestic Market,” TRAFFIC, December 2017 TRAFFIC reports that Japan’s on-going ivory trading is undermining China’s proposed ivory ban, fuelling demand and the poaching of elephants: “Japan remains one of the world’s largest domestic ivory markets, and is home to an active, …