World Rhino Day – 22 Sept 2015

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To highlight the plight of the rhinoceros, Tuesday the 22 September 2015 has been designated as “World Rhino Day”- #WorldRhinoDay

Rhino populations are under sever threat from poaching to satisfying demand across swathes of Asia, where rhino horn is considered to have medicinal properties and is ‘marketed’ as an aphrodisiac.

Note: A TRAFFIC survey identified that buying rhino horn products, at best had “emotional benefits rather than medicinal.”

IWB fully supports highlighting the plight of the rhinoceros on World Rhino Day and drawing attention to all the rhino anti-poaching work being undertaken.


Courtesy of Save The Rhino

White rhino population figures

Subspecies Population
Southern white
Ceratotherium simum simum
Northern white*
Ceratotherium simum cottoni

*Story of Sudan, the last male Northern white rhino – Sudan’s story

Black rhino population figures

Subspecies Population
Diceros bicornis michaeli
South Western
Diceros bicornis bicornis
South central
Diceros bicornis minor
Total 5,055

Asian rhino population figures

Greater one-horned Sumatran Javan
3,333 <100 58-61

Population figures are according to numbers published 31 December by the IUCN for African rhino species and results of a 2012 / 2013 census for Asian rhino populations.

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      Stephen Wiggins


      Thank you for the comment. There is a one last chance to save the Northern white rhino subspecies. There is a proposal for the last remaining Northern white rhino male, Sudan being involved in an IVF programme (all previous breeding has failed) – but Sudan is old (so urgent action is needed now, more than ever) and the IVF programme is expensive. See the attached link to read more about Sudan’s plight and that of the Northern white rhino. Perhaps you can help raise the IVF funding, just a bit. Thank you for caring and please share this story…..

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