By the Numbers – The EU’s Role in Global Trophy Hunting

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Commemorating the anniversary of Cecil’s death, a new report by Humane Society International/Europe released July 2021 in six languages, gives new insight about the demand driving the deaths of these animals. “Trophy Hunting by the Numbers – The European Union’s role in global trophy hunting” reveals that the European Union (EU) is the second biggest importer of hunted wildlife trophies after the United States.

Between 2014 to 2018, EU States imported hunting trophies taken from 889 African lions, 229 of whom were “harvested” (sic) from wild lion populations. In addition, EU States imported nearly 15,000 trophies from 73 “internationally protected species,” including African lions, African elephants, leopards, giraffe, cheetahs, critically endangered black rhinos, zebras, dwindling Argali sheep and vulnerable polar bears. During the same time period, the EU stood as the largest importer of cheetah trophies in the world – “Has trophy hunting changed since the death of Cecil the lion?” Humane Society/Conservation Action Trust, 1 July 2021

Trophy Hunting by the Numbers – The European Union’s role in global trophy hunting” Humane Society International, July 2021

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  1. Sharie Lomas

    Dear Cecil. You will NEVER be forgotten.❤ You were a truly magnificent lion and you did not deserve the tragic and horrific end to your life that you endured at the hands of a heartless trophy hunter. RIP Dear Cecil ❤ You are much loved.❤

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