EU Action Plan Against Wildlife Trafficking Welcomed

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On the 26 February 2016, the European Union (EU) launched the “EU Action Plan Against Wildlife Trafficking, in Brussels” with an “ambitious blueprint” for joint action on three strands:

  1. prevention
  2. stronger enforcement, and
  3. global partnership

The Born Free foundation has been at the forefront of efforts to encourage the European Commission to take meaningful action, both at home and abroad, to curb the illegal wildlife trade (inhumane ‘pet’ smuggling, illegal “bush-meat” trade, animal parts and live specimen trading etc.).


Born Free Welcomes EU Action Plan Against Wildlife Trafficking

In April 2015, the Born Free Foundation launched a report entitled “End Wildlife Trafficking,” containing recommendations for an EU Action Plan. The Foundation has also been working closely with MEPs for Wildlife in support of the Action Plan, and coordinating input from like-minded groups and civil society.


Launch of the EU Action Plan on Wildlife Crime

Worth over EUR17 billion a year by some estimates, the international illegal trade in wildlife attracts and supports organised criminal networks at local, national and international levels.  It also undermines local and national economic and political stability, and deprives rural communities of valuable natural resources. And, of course, it leads to environmental destruction and the breakdown of ecosystems, imperils wild species and causes extensive animal suffering” – The Born Free Foundation.


The launch of this EU Action Plan Against Wildlife Trafficking is to be welcomed and applauded by all concerned with animal welfare, with congratulation and gratitude to the Born Free Foundation for all their hard work in this endeavour. 







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