Dolphin (Taiji) Protest, Japanese Embassy, London,16 October 2015

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Banner permission, courtesy of Daria Walasek and Chrissy Sadik – “Thank you”



Japanese Flag

Today’s protest outside the Japanese Embassy in London, 16 October 2015

Blood stained seas: Horrifying reality of dolphin slaughter exposed” – Express Newspaper, Stuart Winter, 17 October 2015

Pictures Below – Much gratitude to everyone I spoke with and for giving their kind, verbal permission to share their pictures and ‘brief’ story with me on IWB’s website (blog).

Great to see such a large (many hundreds), colourful and ‘LOUD’ crowd of animal welfare guardians assembled outside the Japanese Embassy, Piccadilly, London.

i-pad Pictures 081

Plus the support shown by the passing-public:

 ‘Honking’ their vehicle horns

Passers-by picking up Ric O’Barry’s “Dolphins in Captivity” leaflets

Builders from a nearby site declaring in blue painted letters on a large wooden sign:

“We Love Dolphins!” 

Good on you and the Taiji dolphins “Love you Back!”

We Love Dolphins_2

Good to see so many showing their support to liberate dolphins from the horror of the Taiji Driven Hunt.

Rousing speech from Ric O’Barry, plus Dominic Dyer, Ollie Blackmore and Maria Nangle

Pictures From Today’s Protest

Clare Mulhem, Mairi MacKinnon (and brother Dòmhnall Eòghainn MacKinnon out of shot!) all the way from the Isle of Harris, Outer Hebrides – Well done guys! 

i-pad Pictures 103


Lisa Sharp and Geoff (with his I-Phone out) up from Wells, Somerset – Great to meet you both!

i-pad Pictures 090i-pad Pictures 053

Daryna – Super artwork (and a lovely dolphin head right behind you)!

i-pad Pictures 094

Jennifer Barrett all the way from Dublin (love the hat Jen!)

i-pad Pictures 091

Ric O’Barry Speaking (Ric first highlighted the dolphin’s plight at Taiji, Japan)

i-pad Pictures 098

i-pad Pictures 107i-pad Pictures 106

i-pad Pictures 092

Great to meet you all today, Stephen Wiggins – IWB Founder -“Taiji, Let them be”Taiji Let Them Be

Let’s keep up the resolve to Stop the Slaughter in the Water” 

#SaveTheBloodDolphins #EnoughisEnough

Let’s hope the Japanese Government now intervene to stop the dolphin slaughter in Taiji for all time – It’s an embarrassment to humanity and must end NOW.


Save the Blood Dolphins

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