A “Thank You” From Captain Paul Watson, Sea Shepherd

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26 September 2015 – Update from Sea Shepherd’s Captain Paul Watson

“We Appreciate Your Generous Support.”

Thank you to everyone who donated to our Emergency Appeal to replace the four fast boats captured by the Danish Navy.

We have reached our goal of 200,000 Euros plus another 2,000 Euros.

These funds will be spent to replace the boats and anything about the 200,000 Euros will be used for legal expenses in the fight to get some of the boats back.


SPITFIRE – arrested in 2014 and charged with harassing dolphins by diverting them away from their killers. A decision on the case has been put off for more than a year.

FARLEY – arrested in July. The two crew had the charges dismissed and the boat was ordered by the court to be returned. The police however continue to hold the boat without justification.

ECHO – Illegally handed over to the Danish Navy by the Scottish police despite a Scottish court order that instructed the police to not hand over the boat. Sea Shepherd U.K. is pursuing this legally in Scotland.

The tender for the BRIGITTE BARDOT. Although the two crew were stopped more than a mile from the killing site, they were found guilty of interfering with the killing of Pilot whales and the boat was ordered confiscated.



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