Limpopo Driven Hunt – A “Thank You” from the NSPCA

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September 2015 – Limpopo (Alldays) Driven Hunt back story

Driven Hunting  

In September our Wildlife Protection Unit was alerted to a driven hunt taking place in Alldays, Limpopo. This was the first time that we had heard of driven hunts occurring in South Africa and we despatched a team to monitor the hunt as we were unable to stop it.

Our team was present for five days and we are thoroughly investigating this hunting method. Our animal welfare concerns for the animals hunted in this method are numerous, and we firmly believe that Driven Hunting is unethical and unnecessary. We have more than enough types of hunting in South Africa, so why add another?

Thanks to huge public outcry this form of hunting is under scrutiny and we will engage far and wide to ensure that Driven Hunting is banned in South Africa.

We wish to thank our followers for their unbelievable support and words of encouragement during our response action.

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