“Trophy Hunting & Britain: The Case for a Ban”

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The All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Banning Trophy Hunting today hosted an event at Westminster Hall, Houses of Parliament to launch a comprehensive report, full of insightful expert testimonies, facts and figures to support the proposed trophy hunting import ban into the United Kingdom.

Trophy Hunting & Britain: The Case for a Ban,” APPG on Banning Trophy Hunting, June 2022

Key facts & Figures,” APPG on Banning Trophy Hunting, June 2022


Guest speakers included the Rt Hon George Eustice MP (Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA)), His Excellency Seretse Khama Ian Khama (President, Botswana (2008 – 2018)), Jane Goodall, PhD, DBE (Founder – the Jane Goodall Institute & UN Messenger of Peace), Boniface Mpario (Senior Elder, Massi and former Safari Guide, Kenya), Dr Adam Cruise (Wildlife investigative journalist and academic) and Kris Verduyckt MP (Vooruit, Flemish Socialists, one of the leaders of the legislation to ban trophy hunting imports into Belgium).

Sir Roger Gale MP  (Chair, APPG on Banning Trophy Hunting), His Excellency Seretse Khama Ian Khama (President, Botswana (2008 – 2018)), Boniface Mpario (Senior Elder, Massi and former Safari Guide, Kenya), Peter Egan

Today’s event was hosted by Eduardo Gonçalves (Founder & Director, Campaign to Ban Trophy Hunting) and Sir Roger Gale MP  (Chair, APPG on Banning Trophy Hunting). All guest speakers and hosts spoke eloquently and passionately, reiterating why a ban on hunting trophy imports is needed:

“While the world prepares to mark yet another anniversary of the killing of Cecil the lion, British trophy hunters are bringing home the heads and bodies of lions. 

Many of them were shot in enclosures they could not escape from.

British trophy hunters are also shooting polar bears, elephants, rhinos, and scores of other defenceless and often endangered animals.

The Prime Minister Boris Johnson was right when he said it is time to “end this barbaric practice”. It is now three years since the Queen’s Speech announced that the government would ban ‘trophies’ of animals killed for pleasure by British hunters.

An extensive Defra consultation exercise received 44,000 submissions from conservationists, African community leaders and the British public. Nine out of ten of these expressed support for a ban.

An opinion poll shows that nine out of ten voters want the ban brought in

We need this ban now” – “Trophy Hunting & Britain: The Case for a Ban,” June 2022

The Rt Hon George Eustice MP (DEFRA) restated that the government was fully behind The Hunting Trophies (Import Prohibition) Bill which was officially listed in Parliament 15 June 2022. The bill is due to receive its second reading 25 November 2022 – hopefully, quickly passing into enacted United Kingdom legislation thereafter.

His Excellency Seretse Khama Ian Khama (President, Botswana (2008 – 2018)), The Rt Hon George Eustice MP (DEFRA)  and Eduardo Gonçalves (Founder & Director, Campaign to Ban Trophy Hunting)

It will be the government’s legislation but presented as a Private Member’s Bill. Henry Smith MP, a longstanding friend of the Campaign to Ban Trophy Hunting, will be the bill’s standard bearer.

The APPG on Banning Trophy Hunting also hosted the world premieres of:

Lions, Bones and Bullets” (Richard Pierce and Jagged Peak Productions) showing the murky depths of the canned lion hunting and lion bone trade;

Land of the Free: Out of the Shadows”  (James Ganiere, Lynn Santer) exposing the tactics used by the trophy hunting lobbyists.

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