Sir Roger Moore Speaks Out Against Trophy Hunting

Stephen Wiggins Speaking Out

Image: Courtesy of Diamond Management

Sir Roger Moore, the legendary James Bond actor is a strong advocate against so-called trophy hunting and regularly comments on the issue, including a recent article in the telegraph.

“Sport” hunting is a sickness, a perversion and a danger and should be recognised as such. People who get their ‘amusement’ from hunting and killing defenceless animals can only be suffering from a mental disorder. In a world with boundless opportunities for amusement, it’s detestable that anyone would choose to get thrills from killing others who ask for nothing from life but the chance to remain alive.”  

Sir Roger Moore is bang on the money (penny!) here when speaking again about the recent case of Cecil the lion:

“Clearly, he’s [Walter Palmer] gunning his way through the animal kingdom, and who among us feels that we live in a civilised society while he’s on the loose? He must be stopped and brought to justice”

29 July 2015.